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Focal is responsible for the smooth operation of the entire relocation process, ensuring success and client satisfaction.

Focal is a leading project management company providing management services to organizations that are relocating their facilities. Relocation Management prepares every aspect of your business for relocation with focus in maintaining operational continuity and saving relocation cost throughout. With a tested methodology and proven experience, Focal’s team makes sure the contractor delivers new premises to tenants or new owners on time and on budget and monitors closely the work of the moving company so that furniture, equipment and personal items arrive on time at destination. Expert move management, proper communication and safety control provide invaluable peace of mind to our clients that focus upon the strategic operation of the new site, while we handle all details of the move process.

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Selected Services

  • Technical Due Diligence of new premises
  • Defining the move strategy
  • Program management
  • Layout/Space Planning
  • Permitting
  • Environmental Compliance/Certification
  • Risk Management
  • IT Relocation Coordination
  • Equipment planning