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Focal brings its specialized energy efficiency and sustainable building knowledge to the to real estate realm.

We enforce energy control systems and energy efficient design solutions when involved in the management of new project, but we can also offer independent due diligence services for lenders and investors on similar matters in relation to standing investments. Focal's in-house certified Energy Inspectors are able to audit the energy consumption, potential losses of designs or of existing buildings, in order to issue the Environmental Performance Certificates (EPC) as required by Greek legislation  and to eventually propose upgrading solutions. Our technological insight stretches to such specialized investments as PV power plants and Wind turbine farms, tackling issues like project structure and planning, resource and yield, technology selection (PV modules and inverter assessments), contracts and construction monitoring services and provisional acceptance testing.

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Selected Services

  • Due Diligence and Energy Efficiency Audits
  • Yield Assessments & Costs Analysis
  • Evaluation/Development of Quality Manuals
  • Design Review and EPC issuing
  • Insurance and Service Contracts
  • Service & Energy sale contracts and Permits
  • On-site Inspections, Testing and Commissioning
  • Warranties and Documentation