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Focal offers professional construction management services that match the size and complexity of any given project.

With the help of adequate project controls, administration tools, and field oversight procedures, we efficiently manage risks and control costs. For fast-track project delivery with multiple sub-contracts, we can help maximize competition and deal with unforeseen changes to avoid overruns. Focal's experienced construction managers provide high quality technical advisory services. We undertake daily inspections, administer coordination meetings, certify quality of materials and workmanship. We constantly control end products against the background of contractual design and specification and we notify deficiencies advising on the appropriate corrective actions and mediating in case of contractor's claims. Once on site, we monitor safety measures and tests as required. At the end of construction we handle punch lists and administrative closeout facilitating your transition to occupancy and operation of your new facility.

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Selected Services

  • Contracting Strategy
  • Engineering and Design Services
  • Contracts Administration and Reporting
  • Packaging Sub-contracts and Phasing
  • Quality control and Technical consultancy
  • Implementation of Workaround schedules
  • Change Order Administration
  • Services Testing and commissing
  • Cost Management