WH Brown Lycourgou, Athens

Reconstruction of an existing 8-storey office building into a Mixed Use Development

WH Brown Lycourgou, Athens
WH Europe
Athens, Greece
Project Dates
2020 - 2022
Core Services Provided

About the project

The Project concerns the refurbishment of an existing property, which used to operate as an 8-storey office building with a mezzanine, ground floor and basement, into a Mixed Use Development including commercial shops in the ground floor. Except for hotel rooms, the building will also include various other facilities such as conference hall, spa, gym, restaurant. The total area that shall be refurbished is approximately 8.446 m2.

The building is located in the corner of Lycourgou & Sokratous street. Most interesting feature of the new public and Hotel main areas is the traditional Athenian interior passage, the Greek “Stoa”, welcoming hotel visitors and others to visit the bar, restaurant & retreat areas while shopping.
An illusionary architectural concept makes the Hotel unique, though in the center of Athens.

Focal provides Project Management services for the Design, permitting, tendering, construction, testing & commissioning, licencing and handover of the project. General duties include among others the management of contractors, suppliers and consultants, the management of permitting, construction cost and project timeline, documentation management, risk management, quality control, contract administration, preparation of cash flow and other reports.