Meet the team

Meet the team


FOCAL offers technically qualified staff with substantial depth in the management of projects from design through construction. Because we are a professional construction management firm, our personnel are selected as much for their management skills as for their construction know-how.

We provide the owner with key individuals and support staff to meet a wide range of project and program requirements: to serve as technical advisors to resolve specific problems, to install project controls for the startup of a new project, or to supply the full-service organization needed for managing a large-scale project or program. Whatever the need, our extension-of-staff approach lets the owner control the types of service and the level of effort we provide.

Spiros Trahanis

General Manager - Architect

Bartlett School of Architecture, London University College, England
MSc, Architecture & Regional Planning

Dundee University, Department of Architecture
BSc, Architecture

Nicholas Patsis

Civil Engineer

University of Massachusetts, AMHERST, MA
BSc in Civil & Environmental Engineering

Columbia University, New York
MSc in Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics


Apostolos Katsaros

Civil Engineer

Dipl. In Civil Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece (equivalent to MSc degree)

George Skitsas


Dipl. Bsc in Architectural Engeeniring / Zagazic University
Faculty of Engineering, Cairo, Egypt.

Konstantinos Tomaras

Civil Engineer

B.A. of Civil Engineering, University of Patras-Greece


Christos Theodorou

Mechanical Engineer

M.Sc. Techno-economic systems (MBA), NTUA, Athens
M.Sc. Production and Automation Systems, NTUA, Athens

MEng. Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, University of Patra

Christos Metos

Civil Engineer

MSc in Engineering Project Management – UMIST U.K.

Diploma in Civil Engineering (Direction Stuctrural Analysis)

National Technical University of Athens


Vasilis Triantafyllou

Architect - Urban Design

University of Manchester, School of Architecture and Town Planning
Master of Arts in Urban Design and Regeneration (M.A)
Bachelor of Architecture
Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Architecture

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Office contacts


Our Athens Office

Ms. Helen Papadatou

Contracts Administrator

Our Romania Office

Mr. Serban Juverdeanu

Country Liaison

Our Cyprus Office

Mr Eddy Buysse

Country Liaison

Our Belgrade Office

Mr. Dusan Vasiljevic

Country Liaison

Our Bosnia Office

Mr. Faruk Dizdarevic

Country Liaison

Our Sofia Office

Ms. Julianna Valtchanova

Country Liaison