Who We Are

We are Managers

Specializing in the management of both private and public construction projects, Focal takes your project from initial planning and design to construction and final occupancy. We handle every detail with precision and expertise.

We are Professionals

We are a blend of highly skilled professionals, including project and construction managers, engineers, architects, estimators, inspectors, schedulers, cost controllers, dispute resolution experts, as well as computer and permitting specialists. We bring managerial excellence to every design and construction project.

We are Team Builders

As team builders, we collaborate closely with your staff, unifying the entire project team—designers, contractors, owners, and funders. Our focus is to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget, with seamless integration at every stage.

We are Problem Solvers

Focal excels in problem-solving, steering your project towards success at every phase. We establish a solid foundation for success at the outset. During the project, we adeptly handle delays, budget overruns, and disputes. Finally, we efficiently resolve any outstanding disputes and claims in completed projects, ensuring a smooth conclusion.

What we do

Since 1999, we are using our effective techniques to help our clients manage their schedule, cost and quality requirements. Focal drives the design and construction process by planning, organizing and controlling, and facilitates excellent communication between team members, by monitoring information flow. We tailor our services to meet the demands of special projects and we tackle the complete management of high capex design and construction programs, ensuring that your construction project is moving on the right track.

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How We’re Different

We have a single purpose; to serve the owner’s interests. To avoid possible conflicts of interest, we keep professional project management and cost consulting as our exclusive business area and not as a sideline to design or general contracting. Our professionals make an excellent fit to your staff and work with a team spirit and a goal-oriented mindset.