Bridge Over River Sava


Project date: 2007 - ongoing

Services: Project Management

Project owner: Louis Berger

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

The new bridge over Sava river in Belgrade was designed as a city landmark incorporating a needle shaped Pylon with a height of 200m. The steel Main 376m Span of the bridge is supported by 80 stay cables anchored at the Pylon structure and is counter-balanced by a post-tensioned, reinforced concrete back span of 200m. The scale, complexity and advanced technology of the project structures, including the height of the pylon, length of the main span, width of deck and elevated casting yards as well as the limited construction time of 3 years are challenging conditions in international environment created by the participation of specialist companies and engineers from Serbia, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, China, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Denmark and Hungary. Focal provided in that context specialized monitoring services of time and cost control as well as related documents control.