Largest photovoltaic plant of Ludwigshafen with 2.24 MWp inaugurated


9th September 2011

Ludwigshafen, 9th September 2011 - Solar company EUROSOL inaugurates the largest solar plant in Ludwigshafen together with the head of public construction and environmental department Ludwigshafen (W.E.G.) Mr. Dillinger. Around 50 guests from politics, administration and economy, and interested citizens came together. In guided tours, the guests were informed about technical details of the solar system in detail.

The 2.24 megawatt-peak photovoltaic systems (PV systems) has an annual electricity output of around 2 million kilowatt hours. This enables about 600 households with renewable energy. At around 41,000 square meters over 9000 solar panels were installed.
"We aim to improve our climate protection activities and to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Now we have been able to use an area in the Werkstoffhof Rheingönheim in terms of climate protection and further develop a key technology in the city. The PV system operated by EUROSOL saves around 1100 tons of CO2 a year, "Klaus Dillinger says.

The city provides the space for the operation of the PV system on a lease basis for the next 20 years. "Thanks to the commitment of employees in the Building Department we eceived the construction permit in mid-July, then we immediately started building the plant," explains Frank Illner, the managing director of EUROSOL GmbH. "Thanks to good cooperation with the chief clerk of the WEG, Mr. Schmitt and the Civil and Environmental Office Ludwigshafen, the plant will be inaugurated today," said Illner. The EUROSOL GmbH also provides information on a display for the public. "Citizens can see the the technical data of the system at any time and can check the current energy production," adds Illner.

The good cooperation with the W.E.G., the Civil and Environmental Office and the 15-year experience of EUROSOL made the installation of the system in about two months possible. EUROSOL has its focus on wholesale, project planning, it has installed over 2000 plants. Focal Project Managers is providing TDD and project monitor services to Eurosol’s Greek subsidiary.